Genealogy links

Förlagshuset Galatea - Interesting articles about Blekinge history

DDSS - Demografic Database Southern Sweden, a number of registers from church books in Southern Sweden

Gotlands Genvägar - A must for people with roots on Gotland

Gotland´s Genealogical Association - The Homepage of the Gotland Genealogical Association

Gotlandic Marriage Register - Olle Överby´s incredible database of Gotlandic marriages

Ellis Island - A register of emigrants landing at Ellis Island

Family Search - LDS Family search database - information from this database should always be checked against the church registers, errors occur

Diseases in the olden days - Hans Högman has compiled a list of diseases that occur in the death registers. Explore his page and you will find lots of other interesting things for the genealogist. Quite a lot of the articles are in English

Behind The Name - Site about the history of names

Swedish phone book - The Swedish phone book is finally available on line

Lantmäteriets kartsök - The Swedish equivalent to "Map Quest" - only over Sweden though. Here you can find the places you come across in your research

Jerry Longstrom - A very good site for English speaking genealogists researching their Swedish roots

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