Here Im going to tell you about some of the activities that we are doing in order to celebrate cultural diversity in a positive manner. Hopefully we are able to create a better understanding about cultures and people from different parts of the world.

2001 - Spring Preparing for Sweden Day - How I prepared for Sweden Day.

2001-06-06 Sweden Day - How we celebrated the Swedish National Day at Astwood Bank First School.

2002-02-02 Workshop in Worcester - We were invited by Worcestershire County Council to take part in some workshops in Worcester. The workshops were for Early Years and Childcare staff and volunteers and the subject of this years meeting was Opportunities to Play in an Equal Way. The workshop we led was called "Celebrating Cultural Diversity"

2002-02-22 International Story Day - This was a really funny event, when we told stories to the children that we had been told by our parents "once upon a time".

2002-04-26 Thai Day - We had a fantastic celebration of Thailand.

2003-03-27 Cooking Demonstration - We held a successful cooking demonstration in school.

2003-05-09 Polish Day - We celebrated the Polish Constitution Day.

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